Casey Wolfe Vice President of Administration
Katherine Orr Vice President of Education
Erica Casey Chapter President
Molly Ward Vice President of Membership Recruitment
Ashley Micklewright Vice President of Chapter Development
Kendall Bowen Vice President of Communications
Haley Dabbs Vice President of Academic Development
Madeline Good Historian
Kaitlyn Reiman Vice President of Standards
Marina LaRocque Keeper of the Ritual
Adrienne Miller Chapter Secretary
Karalee Kothe New Member Educator
Becca Schnabel Property Manager
Megan Pedroni Panhellenic Delegate
Janae Vasatka Social Chairman
Alec Ling Philanthropy Chairman
Kelly Sanders Philanthropy Chairman
Zoey Abbey To Dragma Reporter
Casey Wolfe Activities Chairman
Laura Wilson AAC Administrative Assistant
Darby Mackenstadt Alumnae Relations Chairman
Megan Good Assistant VP of Membership Recruitment
Zoey Abbey Marketing Chair
Emily Christiaens Communications Adviser
Lexy Ryder Song Leader
Amanda Edwards Education Adviser
Laura Wilson Education Adviser
Laura Wilson Faculty Adviser
Laura Wilson Corporation Relations Adviser
Julie Derby Hunter Philanthropy Adviser
Kerry Hanson New Member Adviser
Laura Wilson New Member Adviser
Eva Pickett Panhellenic Adviser
Jaclyn Bastine Standards Adviser
Julie Derby Hunter Ritual Adviser
Kerry Hanson Recruitment Adviser
Laura Wilson Recruitment Adviser
Nicolle Altringer Social Adviser
Sydney Sherick Administration Adviser
Megan Evans Academic Development Adviser
Gianna Vanata Alumnae Relations Adviser
Eva Pickett Chapter Development Adviser
Theresa Sroczyk Financial Adviser
Julian Kaptanian Vice President of Finance